To scan protein sequences within the Expasy databank for specific motifs
Enter the Motif:

Paste your own protein sequence in Fasta format to skip the Expasy databank search (Optional):

 Exclude motifs with a high probability of occurrence
Do not scan profiles

Protein database(s):
 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot   including splice variants 
  • randomize databases
     excluding fragments
  • On taxonomy:    (eg: Human, Eukaryota Escherichia coli)
  • On description: (eg: Protease, Phosphatase)

    Pattern option(s):
  • Allow at most X sequence characters to match a conserved position in the pattern
  • Match mode 

  • Format
  • Show only sequences with at least hit(s)
     Show low level score
    Retrieve complete sequences

  • Maximum of matched sequences

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  • The above macro is based on ScanProsite algorithm.
    Copyright © 2004 FAROOQ LABORATORY